2013 in review

When I reflect on everything that happened between January and now it seems like it had to have been more than one measly year, but let's try and get up to speed.

I don't want to call 2013 a "career year" because that implies a pinnacle when I am hoping it is more of an upward slope, so we will just say that it was a great year. After a winter of hard training for racing that involved overhauling my stroke mechanics (see: "running stride") I came out the gates with two of my worst marathons in recent history in April in Boston and London (I know I said it was a great year, just wait for it). I followed this up with a slightly better performance at the Seoul Marathon and then showed improvement at a series of races in Switzerland (keep waiting). Throughout the summer, however, I finally found the sweet spot in my stroke (again, see: "stride"), winning 6 events at the US nationals (almost there) and then posting a fantastic performance at World Championships in Lyon, France, becoming the new world champion in the 800m and finishing in the top 5 in every race from the 400m to the marathon (this is why i said "great": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE88ajFcSPc&sns=em. You may stop waiting now.).

I am currently pushing faster than I ever have before and am very excited about upcoming marathons in Chicago (Oct. 13) and New York (Nov. 3).

My none-racing year has been pretty great as well. Though I've managed to flee the country at least once a month since April (most recently to Brazil where I spent a week giving presentations about accessibility and adaptive athletics) my partners at IntelliWheels still like me enough to keep me onboard and part of the excitement.

I am incredibly happy to say that the IntelliWheels Easy Push has launched nationally this past summer and is receiving a lot of interest in the market. The Easy Push, is a set of geared wheels that makes it twice as easy to push a wheelchair. It is available in 20" and 24" wheels, is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, can fit on any wheelchair frame and, in those extreme conditions, can even be used to pull a car (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu_mVOJroZg&sns=em). The IntelliWheels Easy Push is a great fit for individuals who need a little extra help pushing long distances, over carpet, or up slight ramps. For more information please visit www.intelliwheels.net.

Fueled by the momentum of the past nine months I cannot wait for what the last three of the year have to offer. As you dive in to your own busy autumn seasons feel free to continue following me on facebook at facebook.com/joshgeorgeracing or facebook.com/intelliwheels or at my website www.joshgeorgeracing.com.